Building off of the aesthetic foundations of an art project, Splash was an attempt to solidify some of the previously considered game mechanics and create a game that is fun and new, yet intuitively familiar.

The game was my final freestyle project for Game Design at the Entertainment Technology Center, taught by Jesse Schell, in Spring 2010.

Lessons learnt: Wood expands in water! Leave bigger margins than you think.

(Created at the Carnegie Mellon Art School woodshop)



Artbot was a collaborative 3D animation project, modeled and animated in Maya. The project is part of the Animation, Art and Technology course taught at Carnegie Mellon by Jessica Hodgins and James Duesing in Fall 2008.


Story Summary: An art student and a computer science student must cooperate on an assigment entitled “Beautiful Robot.

Collaborators: Justine Aylmer, James Chan, Julia Kennedy, Yang Shan, David Grabowski, Ishita Kapur

Stills from the Animation

Poetry on a Bathroom Wall

This was a self initiated photography project documenting writings in the Women’s restroom at Kiva Han, a cafe near Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. My goal was to bring into the public forum, these otherwise anonymous witticisms and musings; to creatively engage the viewers of the photos in a dialogue with the writers and to invite reflections and interpretations of poetry on a bathroom wall.

Here’s the whole photostream on Flickr – Poetry on a Bathroom Wall


A strategy-based numbers game for Game Design class at the Entertainment Technology Center. The game is played on a 4×4 grid with 16 12-sided die in which players attempt to occupy the most positions on the board by claiming them through mathematical computations and patterns.

Here is the link to the design document detailing brainstorming, evolution of game mechanics and play testing.

(Game board created at the Carnegie Mellon Art School woodshop)


Re-designing Hopscotch for a Game Design class taught at the Entertainment Technology Center, by Jesse Schell, in Spring 2010.

Here is a link to the design document, detailing brainstorming, play tests, iterations, analysis and final outcome of the game.

Clay Modeling

Clay model for mold-making in 3D Media Studio, taught by Ron Bennett in Fall 2009, at Carnegie Mellon.

3D Media: Movement and Interaction

(Maple Wood, Steel Rod)

This was a project for a 3D Media Studio class taught at Carnegie Mellon by Joe Mannino. The crank mechanism turns a sine-wave-like steel rod to create a visually appealing wave motion. I wanted to use solid objects to create the illusion of fluidity. The interaction turned out to be more than just visual, as viewers wanted a more intimate interaction with the sculpture. The tactical experience of the wooden blocks under your palms turned out to be oddly soothing.

(Created at the Carnegie Mellon Art School woodshop)